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Category: New developments in Card Acquiring

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Banks and Retailers - How is the future going to look?

Banks and retailers: Are acquiring banks offering the value propositions retailers really want and need in terms of price and product offering? Where do you see the space for future improvement? Sign In and read more.
Started: Natalia Ivanis at 13/06/2008 15:47:00 | Replies: 1 | Last comment: Paul Skehan

The US invasion of Europe:

The US acquirers, processors and other payment service providers turn their attention to the European card acquiring market. Do you believe that their recent initiatives will have a major impact on... Sign In and read more.
Started: Natalia Ivanis at 17/06/2008 14:37:24 | Replies: 0

Upcoming event

European Card Acquiring Forum 2010

The premier card acquiring event 24 – 26 February 2010, Berlin

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Past events

European Card Acquiring Forum 2009

over 240 acquirers, card experts and merchants have met in Berlin during this card acquiring cornerstone event.

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European Card Acquiring Forum 2008

over 200 payments professionals have met for a 3 day conference in Brussels.
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European Card Issuing Forum 2008

an interesting 3 day event for card issuers that took place in Rome.

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