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The place for discussing your experiences with cards and payments events from around the world
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Join the ongoing debate about ICHF, MSCH, strategies of industry players and possible future scenarios
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Join us to discuss the key decision criteria on In-house or Outsourcing of card processing and merchant acquisition responsibilities.
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Upcoming event

European Card Acquiring Forum 2011

Past events

European Card Acquiring Forum 2010

over 300 professionals representing the elite of card acceptance in Europe have met in Berlin to discuss the latest market developments and to move the business forward. 

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European Card Acquiring Forum 2009

over 240 acquirers, card experts and merchants have met in Berlin during this card acquiring cornerstone event.

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European Card Acquiring Forum 2008

over 200 payments professionals have met for a 3 day conference in Brussels.
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European Card Issuing Forum 2008

an interesting 3 day event for card issuers that took place in Rome.

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