ECAF Awards 2011


Before you start filling in any information, please email us at to let us know which particular award category/categories you wish to enter. We will provide you with specific measurable criteria for that award category/categories in return. You will be asked to enter the information based on that criteria in one of the forms below...

The form below requires you to enter the whereabouts of the company applying for the awards and the company representative responsible for information entry and submission. The details provided in this form may be used by the awards committee to contact you back in case of insufficient or indeterminate information. Also, should you get shortlisted in the selected award category, you will be contacted for further procedure.

All fields in the form are mandatory. Only use corporate email addresses for submitting your company information. Entries coming from freemail addresses will not be considered.

Company details

Personal Details

The checkboxes below indicate the categories of your choice. For repetitive overview, see the section "Awards Categories" on top of this page. In total, you can only check three checkboxes as only three categories are allowed to be entered by one company. Choose them carefully. After you tick the desired checkbox, a textbox menu enrolls for you to fill out. Each textbox has to be filled with corresponding information, with guidance displayed directly in it for your convenience. Maximum number of characters per textbox is 500 to make the initial information for awards jury compendious and synoptical. Therefore, use short to-the-point descriptions. In case you decide to change one of the categories while having any of them picked, just untick the particular checbox and tick the desired one. The same also erases all data in that particular category. The last box serves for you to upload any marketing materials to support your product or service entry. Maximum size per file is 3 Mb.

Category details

I understand the information sent via this form will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and will serve as basis for considering my company as a candidate for the ECAF Awards. I hereby agree with submitting the information in the form above.

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