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The only strategic event bringing together European acquirers, merchants, schemes, processors and industry professionals.

 Over 200 professionals from 34 countries got together for a 3 day conference to discuss the most critical challenges in the European Card Acquiring Value Chain.

This was the Empiria Groups inaugural event on Card Acquiring. It was a great pleasure to see so many professionals from all over Europe and beyond. 

Summary of Day1 by Peter Jones and Mike Hendry 

The event brought many lively debates between merchants, card acquirers, schemes and processors. During three really intensive days, the audience has had a chance to hear several case studies, that have been shorter, but had an abundance of “hard facts” and practical advice.

What the event was:
  • a meeting point for 200+ participants (card acquirers, merchants, schemes)
  • a place to share the strategies and issues that merchants, card schemes and banks are dealing with
  • a discussion-oriented & higly-interactive platform
  • a place for confronting different perspectives during strategic talks
Key topics:
  • changing standards for SEPA
  • interchange fee & merchant service charge debate
  • new business models for card acquirers
  • cross-border acquiring: Opportunity for everyone?
  • centralized card processing for pan-European retailers
  • managing card fraud and security
Industry breakdown:
  • Banks 40%
  • Global Merchants 20%
  • Inter-bank and Comm. Processors 14%
  • Schemes 10%
  • Terminal Manufacturers 8%
  • Regulators 5%
  • Other Involved Parties 3%
For merchants:
  • A special pre-conference day focused on e-commerce payments
  • learn how will SEPA rules be further defined
  • build on the experience of pan-European merchants with implementation of centralized card payment solution
  • gain an insider look into the card acquiring and become an equal partner in discussions with acquiring banks, regulators, schemes and industry experts
  • explore the latest threats, i.e. the impact of data breaches on the merchant service charge
For banks:
  • discuss the future scenarios of interchange fee and merchant service charge
  • identify new revenue sources and niche markets
  • benchmark your acquiring business with other European competitors and learn how they are cultivate their merchant relationships
  • understand the challenges of cross-border acquirers developing a fully pan-European acquiring business
For schemes and processors:
  • take this opportunity to join the discussion and present your view to your partners in the card acquiring value chain
  • network and develop new relationships with senior decision makers and industry experts from banks, global merchants and regulatory bodies
  • explore and understand the viewpoints of banks and merchants on the separation of major schemes and processing.

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