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About the European Card Acquiring Hub

This hub aims to be a meeting point of Card Acquiring professionals from Europe and beyond. As of now, there is 355 registered users from over 40 countries.

We will be bringing you industry news and intelligence and serve as an information portal with:

- Exclusive content in the form of Blogs and Commentaries from top Industry Experts
- Unique Interviews and case studies
- News and research on topics related to card acquiring, payments, fraud & security
- Country profiles
- Listings of European regulators
- White papers
- Buyers Guide

and more...  

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This Hub is created and maintained by the Empiria Group.
At EG, we focus on providing our clients with specific and expertly researched B2B events, workshops and meetings. We work directly with leaders from several industry sectors to ensure that the content of our events always fits the specific needs of our customers.

Our team consists of professionals with direct experience in financial services, marketing and the events industry. We are committed to create the best platforms for a stimulating and inspiring discussion. Besides great networking opportunities and precise organisation, we aim to deliver the best learning experience to all participants.
We understand, that only real life experience and a focused atmosphere can maximize the value of any business gathering.




*registration is free to relevant industry professionals and is subject to approval by Empiria Group.


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Upcoming event

European Card Acquiring Forum 2011

Past events

European Card Acquiring Forum 2010

over 300 professionals representing the elite of card acceptance in Europe have met in Berlin to discuss the latest market developments and to move the business forward. 

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European Card Acquiring Forum 2009

over 240 acquirers, card experts and merchants have met in Berlin during this card acquiring cornerstone event.

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European Card Acquiring Forum 2008

over 200 payments professionals have met for a 3 day conference in Brussels.
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European Card Issuing Forum 2008

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